7 Tips For Final Preparation of CLAT

Tips for final preparation

The Common Law Admission Test or CLAT 2024 is scheduled to be held on 3rd December, 2023. As we all know CLAT 2024 is soon approaching and we need to focus on the final leg of the preparation. Tips for final preparation of CLAT will help you to study efficiently and score well

You need to be clear with the basic details of CLAT 2024 to avoid any last minute confusion. CLAT 2024 will have 120 questions instead of 150. Admit cards was released on 21st November, 2023 for CLAT 2024. CLAT 2024 will have five sections: Legal reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques, and English Language and Current Affairs. Each question is question is worth one mark, and every incorrect response costs you 0.25 marks. The overall time limit for CLAT 2024 will be of two hours.

With only a few days remaining for CLAT exam, you need to make sure everything Is prepared beforehand to avoid stress and anxiety. Focus on these tips for final preparation of CLAT

Here are some last minute tips for final preparation of CLAT

1. Tip 1 for Final Preparation- Avoid learning new topics

You need to understand that now is not the right time to learn new topics. In the last few days leading up to the exam you may feel anxious with respect to the topics you might not have covered, it’s pretty normal. But, please don’t try and learn those topics in the last few days, It will only make you more nervous. Also, cramming new concepts in your head right before your CLAT exam will jeopardize your memory on topics you know very well. Therefore, it is always advisable to stick to what you already know and focus on brushing up on concepts over learning new ones. Picking a new topic at this stage can lead to confusion between different concepts. Also, it will cut into your time for revising and practicing CLAT questions.

2. Tip 2 for Final Preparation- Avoid giving mock tests

The main purpose of giving mock tests is to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. But in the final leg of the preparation you mainly need to focus on your strengths because there is not enough time to find your weakness and work on those. Also, if you attempt a mock test and do not score well, it will shatter your confidence and will definitely affect your score. However, if you still want to attempt questions, a better option would be to practice previous years’ papers with the answer key.

3. Tip 3 for Final Preparation- Go through your CLAT exam strategy 

Everybody has different ways to approach an exam paper. You need to have a clear strategy in mind about how you are to going to attempt your paper to avoid anxiety during the actual paper. Please review your time management skills so that you can attempt every question of the paper and nothing Is left behind. Figure out an order suitable for you when attempting the exam. Also, you need to keep in mind that you have to a lot time as per your strengths and weakness For example, you may choose to answer the logical reasoning section because it is your strong point, or do the more difficult ones, first. However, be sure to create a strategy that leaves room for extra 5-10 minutes after answering all the questions.

4. Tip 4 for Final Preparation- Eat and Sleep well

Please fix your sleep cycle and eat well before the exam. Many of us have the habit of studying late at night as it helps us to concentrate better but you have to keep in mind the timing of the actual paper. You need to be active and awake during the time of the exam. Being sleepy during the exam will definitely affect your concentration level and ultimately will affect your score. Also, make sure you eat light before the exam. As we tend to get anxious and nervous before the exam, it often leads to digestion issues and therefore eat light leading up to few day before the exam, Definitely avoid eating outside food. As you never know it will make you sick. CLAT exam preparation is one that requires you to study for a long time. Please don’t; keep everything on the line

5. Tip 5 for Final Preparation- Revise

As there are only few days left for the exam, it is practically impossible to revise everything. Make a note of important topics and revise only those in the last few days, It will also help you maintain your confidence and retention abilities. Focus on core areas of English, General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematics while utilising concise notes and summaries for quick revision.

6. Tip 6 for Final Preparation- Be optimistic and confident 

You need to be confident and optimistic about your preparation, Don’t doubt yourself. Event while attempting the paper, be confident with your answers don’t second guess them, It will only lead you to waste your precious time and affect your score. Avoid stress and maintain a positive outlook towards your paper A positive mindset is crucial. Don’t let stress overwhelm you. Maintain a balanced routine that includes adequate rest and relaxation.

7. Tip 7 for Final Preparation- Relax

And lastly, take proper rest and relax as much as you can, you need your mind to be sharp and efficient while giving the exam. You can also do yoga or meditation. It will calm you down you will feel less nervous and your retention abilities will also improve. Many of us feel anxious and nervous before some big event even if we are well prepared for it and here yoga and meditation will come for your rescue. Relaxation is extremely important one day before your exam. Please don’t burden yourself. Be patient, have confidence in yourself and you will pass with flying colours.

These tips for final preparation of CLAT will help you to score well and attempt your paper efficiently. All the Best!!

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