Top 5 Mistakes Before CLAT Exam To Avoid

mistakes before CLAT exam

CLAT – Common law admission test seems to be a very difficult entrance to crack for many. One should really be aware of mistakes before CLAT exam to avoid. But they don’t know that the word “impossible” itself says, ‘I-am-possible’, there are few common things to keep in mind and you’re sorted!. With lots of students appearing for this exam, the competition is huge and one tiny mistake can prove to be fatal. Avoiding some basic mistakes could up your score. As we all how difficult it is to get a seat in an NLU and even a single mark makes a huge difference.

Here is a list of mistakes before CLAT Exam you should avoid:

1st Mistake to avoid before CLAT exam: Avoiding GK Section H3

One of the most common mistakes before CLAT exam is overlooking the GK section. Current Affairs and GK is that section of your CLAT syllabus for which no syllabus is defined. And therefore many students try to avoid it or prepare less for it and allocate less number of hours comparatively than other section. But, this is a huge mistake. Although we understand that under Current Affairs sections anything under the sun can be asked but this section is also the major difference between a topper and an average student.  You should continue reading at least three English Newspapers a day. This will help in a number of way including Improving Vocabulary for English Section and Facts for Current Affairs Section and legal section.

2nd Mistake to avoid before CLAT exam: Not giving Mock test

2nd in the list of mistakes before CLAT exam to avoid is Mock test. They are important for the preparation. It helps in analyzing your performance. Do not attempt mock test, if you are not prepared. This will waste your time as well as your precious mock. Give your mock sincerely, Analyze them, work on your mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them Mock Test also gives you the confidence of actually appearing for the Final Online Test as mock tests are based on the pattern of the actual CLAT Paper. One of the biggest advantage of a mock test is, it will help you in time management. You can also divide your time according to the sections or number of questions and see how well you perform and revamp your strategy accordingly.

3rd Mistake to avoid before CLAT exam: Prepare Revision Plan

Not ready with a revision plan is one of the mistakes before CLAT exam you should avoid. Before starting your Revision, Prepare Daily subject wise Schedule. Daily Time-Table provides you with the exact time to be devoted for a particular section of your Syllabus. This will help you devoting proper time for various sections of the syllabus so as to cover the whole syllabus. Give more time to the sections or the topics you are not very well versed with. Make sure you follow the plan diligently because just making the plan and not following it will waste more of your time.

4th Mistake to avoid before CLAT exam: Solve CLAT Sample Papers

Not solving CLAT Sample papers is one of the major mistakes before CLAT exam to avoid. Once you are done with your revision, start solving as many CLAT Sample Papers as possible and that too within the fixed Time limit. This will help you in getting clear picture of your CLAT preparation. This will also help you to control your nervousness when you see the actual CLAT paper

5th Mistake to avoid before CLAT exam: Reading Carelessly

Right from school days, many of us have the habit of cramming up everything. Rote-learning is injurious. The questions appearing in the CLAT exam are indirect and rephrased. Hardly 2-3 questions are asked directly from the previous year papers. You can envisage your nervous state during the exam. Therefore, avoid mugging up lessons and develop a perspective for every topic that is included in the syllabus. Always try to understand what you are reading. Ask as many questions as you can to your mentors and teachers. Always clear your doubts. Don’t let this affect your CLAT score.

Avoiding these basic mistakes will prove to be very helpful. On the face of it these mistakes looks very minute and avoidable but they can be a real game changer for you.One o

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