5 Tips To Prepare For CLAT Logical Reasoning Section

CLAT Logical Reasoning

CLAT Logical reasoning section compromises of 28-32 questions.  CLAT Logical reasoning section is comparatively most scoring section in CLAT. If properly practiced one can complete the CLAT Logical reasoning section in less amount of time. Topics of CLAT Logical reasoning section are quite diverse. The purpose of this section is to test the logical capabilities and understanding of the aspirant. CLAT Logical reasoning section includes Critical reasoning and logical reasoning The topics for CLAT Logical reasoning section included are Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Blood relation, Syllogism, Para Jumbles, Direction, etc. Practice is the key to increase the accuracy in the logical section. Students can improve their thinking capabilities only through regular practice.

5 Tips To Prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning Section

Tip 1 to prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning Section: Practice

Books recommended for CLAT Logical reasoning section would be A modern approach to logical reasoning and Analytical reasoning. Nowadays student take lot of time than needed as the section can be ambiguous if students do not read carefully. Students need to increase their speed and this can be done only through practice. The logical reasoning section will include a series of short passages of about 450 words each. So, students need to practice reading quickly. You can also go through the questions first so that when you read the passage you can connect to the answers easily. The most important thing is to increase the speed of your reading. This will also help you to save time and you will have more time in your hand to answer the questions.

Tip 2 to prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning Section: Technique

Second most important aspect of logical reasoning is the technique. There are various techniques to solve logical reasoning questions. Different books show different technique to solve the same question but you need to keep one fix technique to solve the questions. Don’t learn too many techniques and confuse yourself. Make sure you are comfortable in solving with that technique. Keep yourself focused and trust your technique. Don’t try to solve the same question with more than one technique, it will only lead to time wastage. Time is money for this section as the passages are lengthy

Tip 3 to prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning Section: Mocks and Past papers

Try solving a mock or past paper specifically for Logical reasoning once a month it will help you to analyze were you stand in the beginning. But don’t attempt the mock if you are not prepared well because it will waste your precious mock test. Keep a track of your score month on month and analyse where you are lagging behind. Also, keep a check on your time management skills. Giving mocks regularly will also help you in your time management skills. Make a not of questions and concepts you are not comfortable with and try to focus more on them. Going through Past papers will help you to understand the pattern. Try solving them to. It will give you a gist of the actual paper.

Tip 4 to prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning Section: Revision

You need to revise the topic once a month. Keep a day for revision of the entire logical reasoning section which are covered by you. Topics of logical reasoning are quite diverse.

Revising will also increase your speed and help you to score well. Also if you keep revising concepts, you will get a good hold of it and you will be able to answer the questions efficiently.

Tip 5 to prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning Section: Confidence

Preparedness will help to boost your confidence. Once you have selected a technique and you have solved question you shouldn’t doubt yourself. Be confident about your answer. As we all know, confidence is the key to success. Doubting yourself over an answer will only waste more of your time. Show confident in yourself and you will surely ace this section. If you want to increase your score with significant margin, this section is the key to it. 

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